NetSec Group

NetSec Group - About

The NetSec group of CNR-IEIIT deals with network and systems security aspects, analyzing both threats and mitigation technologies. In particular, during our research activities we study various areas in the security field: analysis of infective tools (such as malware, virus, or trojan horses), Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Wireless security, penetration testing, forensics techniques, Denial of Service attacks, or Botnets are accomplished to explore the field and identify how such attacks work, in order to provide innovative mitigation methodologies. The group also accomplishes network management operations on the CNR Arige network, providing users a wide range of services, such as email, DNS, web hosting, antispam services, wired and wireless Internet connectivity, backup management, network monitor, and firewall and network devices management. This knowledge is shared trough technological transfer actions, dedicated to small and medium businesses related to computer security field. In particular, one of the most important goals achieved is a spin-off between CNR-IEIIT and Cleis Tech S.R.L. called Cleis Security S.R.L. Our peculiarity is the multidisciplinarity and complementarity of our skills: both different academic origin (physics, engineer, computer science) and work experiences in different environments (business, research in public area and consultancy in private area, university education teaching) allow us to be always ready to solve new issues. Research activities on the following topics are particularly intensive:

  • Wireless (Assessment, Evaluation & Testing)
  • Denial of Service attacks (DoS) & Slow DoS Attacks (SDA)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS)
  • Attacks Distribution (Botnet)
  • Penetration Testing
  • Information & Computer Forensics (DFIR)
  • Post-Mortem Analysis (PMA)
  • Wiretapping
  • Fringe Security (Intrusion Detection System, Firewall)
  • Network Monitoring